Audit Committee

​Caixa Seguridade Participações S/A

Name Position Election Date
Antônio Joaquim Gonzalez Rio-Mayor Member 10/15/2018
José Ernesto Duarte de Almeida Member 10/15/2018
Mario Ricardo Ferreira Matoso Maia Member 10/15/2018
Telmo Marques Costa Member 10/15/2018

* The term of office of the Audit Committee is 03 years, allowed a single re-election.


Click here  to see the internal rules of procedures of the Audit Committee


Antônio Joaquim Gonzalez Rio-Mayor

Independent Member. Born in Rio de Janeiro / RJ, he holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Law. From 2011 to 2017 worked as Managing Director of Akma Consultoria. Before that, he was Director of Marsh Corretora de Seguros (Jun 09 to Dec 10),  Director of Bradesco Seguros between 1999 and 2009, and previously he worked as Technical Superintendent and Advisor to the Executive Vice Presidencies and Executive Boards at Bradesco Seguros.


José Ernesto Duarte de Almeida

Independent Member. Born in Rio de Janeiro, he holds a degree in Economics and a post-graduate degree in Business Management and Capital Markets. Currently, he works as Controller at AR Empreendimentos, is President of the Fiscal Council of Volleyball Federation of the Federal District, is a member of the Advisory Board of the Association of Banks of the Federal District -Assban and Board Member of the Environmental Sanitation Department of Federal Ditrict.


Mario Ricardo Ferreira Matoso Maia

Independent Member. Born in Rio de Janeiro, he hold’s a degree in Architecture and also hold’s a post-graduate degree in International Administration. He worked in varius executives  positions at CAIXA for 38 years, he represented CAIXA on the Board of CODEFAT, PIS / PASEP, FUNCEX, FEBRABAN International Relations Committee and MDIC Permanent Forum for Microenterprises and Small Enterprises.


Telmo Marques Costa

Independent member. Born in Fortaleza, graduated in Accounting, he holds a post-graduate degree in Controllership and held in 2010 the course of financial intelligence at Brazilian Army Intelligence Center. He worked as Intelligence Analyser of Treasury Ministry (2009 – 2012), Superintendent of Internal Controls (2007 – 2009 ),  Director of Controllership (2006 – 2007) and Superintendent of Accounting at CAIXA (Set 01 – Jul 06).